Thursday, 14 February 2013

2013 California State University Extended Education

Now more than ever it is imperative for the CSU to exercise flexibility and rapid response and versatility in new program development to remain successful in the global market place. Quickly evolving global competition requires the workforce to obtain cutting edge skills and capabilities. Fortunately, the CSU possess a powerful resource that can leverage the university's systems greatest assets against both economic and marketplace obstacles. That resource exists at each campus through the extended university's programs and services. Self supported extended education provides an agile and essential core capacity for the CSU system. By developing strategic economic opportunities in various private and public sectors, CSU campuses are maximizing extended education to support the CSU mission. That mission includes expanding overall access to affordable, high quality education while transforming lives and communities. The self supported extended university encourages innovative forefront academic experimentation and collaboration along with market responsive program implementation. A dynamic example of productive investment in program development is demonstrated by an award winning professional science master's program. Based on a seed funding grant from the CSU Commission on the extended university, the program leveraged 187500 dollars to acquire more than 5 million dollars from other sources. The funding launched multiple master's programs in biotechnology, a stem cell ...

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