Wednesday, 26 June 2013

The Disadvantages of Distance Learning

I am sure you have heard of the amazing benefits of online education. But to get a better picture of whether or not online education is for you - you must consider the disadvantages of distance learning as well.

Therefore, here are some of the popular drawbacks you may need to consider:

1. If you are not highly motivated and disciplined - distance education may not be for you. Many students thrive on the pressures of learning in the classroom and having a face to face contact with their instructors.

Students who choose to do a degree or course online probably won't face those pressures. They must learn to work unsupervised and remain motivated to finish their program.

2. Lack of face to face interaction between students and instructors may lead to students feeling a sense of isolation or loss.

Many people will tell stories of wild college parties or the girlfriends/boyfriends they met in college. Online students won't have such stories to tell.

3. Technophobic students may have a problem with online education. Studying online requires learning how to use new software and technologies as well as troubleshooting. Not all students are comfortable with this.

4. Students may need to adjust their schedules in order to deliver assignments on time. For example, if a student lives on the West Coast and is enrolled with an online school on the East Coast, the time differences could cause scheduling conflicts.

5. Students may need to wait for feedback from students and instructors whereas in a traditional class, feedback is virtually instant.

6. Possibility that networking opportunities for distance education schools are much lower than those at traditional bricks and mortar colleges.

7. The existence of numerous diploma mills makes it easy for unsuspecting students to waste time and money getting a worthless degree. This is one of the biggest disadvantages of distance learning. Students have to be extremely vigilant, making sure their prospective distance education college is properly accredited.

The word "properly" is the operative word because some e-colleges claim they are properly accredited but thy are not.

8. Students may not be able to log into their online classes class while at the office unless their employers give them permission to do so.

As you can see, studying online may not be for everyone. Despite the fact that over 63% of of all colleges and universities in America offer distance learning programs, many students feel that by learning online, they are missing out on the real college experience.

But by taking into consideration the advantages as well as the disadvantages of distance learning, you might realize that the benefits far outweighs the drawbacks.

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