Saturday, 24 August 2013

Are Evening and Weekend Courses at College For You? Yes! They're For Everyone

There are many individuals who would like to enhance their personal learning, obtain a new position, or develop another hobby. These individuals often feel that they don't have the time to do this, but they can if they take evening and weekend courses at college. These courses are set up for people such as those listed above, making it easier to get the learning that they need.

For instance, those who have recently retired now have the time they need to pursue an education in an area that they find interesting and challenging. These individuals often do not feel comfortable attending traditional classes that are filled with younger students of a completely different generation. This is a different situation when taking a college class that is scheduled at night or on a weekend. These courses are usually attended by individuals who are older, of a different maturity level and that may or may not be currently employed. This provides a more comfortable situation for the older individual to learn in, and leaves them more time during the day to do other activities.

Many evening and weekend classes offer course topics and focus on a particular hobby or subject that is not commonly found on a traditional college schedule. This can include fly fishing, black and white photography, sign language or cooking. These classes are less formal and include a great deal of hands-on activities that make learning very enjoyable. These are perfect for the retired individual who wants to find a new way to spend his or her time trying something new.

Another advantage of these courses is that they provide an invaluable development opportunity for those who want to find a better job. Many people who work full time - in various types of positions - find a point in their life when they want to improve their situation, or start a new career path. A traditional college schedule does not work well for these individuals, but taking classes at night or on weekends can allow them to pursue a new vocation that will help them find a different career. Night classes often only run one or two evenings a week and are geared for people in this type of situation. The time is set at a reasonable hour so that the individual will not have to leave work early in order to attend.

This arrangement also allows people to pursue education in a very affordable way. They often cost less than £10 for a 3 hour class, and learning grants (such as the ILA fund) are available to many.

Weekend and evening courses at college are the perfect choice for non-traditional students who want to enhance their lives, learn new things, and meet people.

Euan writes for Glasgow Metropolitan College - Glasgow's biggest college, and provider of a wide range of evening and weekend courses.

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