Thursday, 5 December 2013

The Benefits of Online Universities Outweigh Those of Traditional Universities

Those seeking to return to college or change careers need flexible educational opportunities to meet their goals while managing already busy lives. If you are in this situation, online universities provide many benefits not always available at traditional colleges.

Choosing a course of study that best matches your interests and long-term goals is critical to your success. Unless you are willing to relocate, your options at traditional colleges are limited to programs offered near your home. With online universities, your options are never limited by geography. Instead of choosing a course of study based on how easily you can get to classes, you can select a program that truly meets your needs.

Flexibility is key for working adults. Today's professionals do not always work a standard schedule. Shifts vary, employers require staff to put in longer hours to meet critical deadlines, and many jobs require frequent travel. To attend classes at a traditional university, you must be certain that your employer's expectations will rarely conflict with your course schedule. By attending an online university, you can remain flexible for your employer without putting your studies at risk. If you have a late meeting, you can attend without worrying that you'll miss your six o'clock class. When you travel for work, all you need to keep from falling behind in your courses is your laptop.

Many of today's most progressive employers retain staff members by offering work-at-home options. These employers realize that minimizing the stress caused by childcare concerns or daily commutes allows workers to focus on being productive. Online universities apply the same principle to your academic experience. With a program that allows you to complete your courses at home, you can concentrate on your studies instead of spending time and money on childcare and draining commutes.

Traditional colleges highlight the benefits of in-person instruction. They focus on being on campus in order to best experience college life. As an online student, you can create similar experiences for yourself by being active and involved in your classes and your virtual college community. Your instructors and classmates will come from many geographical locations, allowing you to share experiences with people you would never meet in a classroom setting. Instead of sitting in a classroom surrounded by others who live and work nearby, you can network and build relationships with students from all over the country and perhaps even the world. Many returning learners who are juggling work and family responsibilities with school feel at a disadvantage at traditional colleges, where their classmates are primarily full-time students. In online classes, your classmates are more likely to relate to your experiences as a busy professional or parent.

In many ways, online college courses actually open up lines of communication in ways that traditional classes may not. Since lectures and discussions take place in a virtual environment, you are able to access them any time and refer to them as often as you wish. This is something that cannot always be done with a classroom lecture. Rather than just having set class times to exchange ideas, you can read online class discussions and participate at your leisure and as thoughts or questions come to you.

Most employers now do at least some of their business electronically. For these employers, the experience you gain interacting, learning and sharing in a virtual setting is as valuable a professional skill as your knowledge of the course material itself. As an online student, you will hone your writing and electronic communication skills in a way that you cannot do in a classroom setting.

Last but certainly not least, online colleges allow you to maintain a high quality of life. Balancing multiple responsibilities can leave little time left over for spontaneous outings with family and friends. With online courses, it is critical to devote time to your studies, but you have the freedom to arrange and change your schedule to fit your life. You can jump at the chance to attend an unexpected social outing without the fear of missing class, and be available for all the special events in your children's lives. You can even plan a family vacation while taking your courses, as long as you pack your laptop.

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